An Ultimate Customized Edge AI Solution

The technology is made for AI applications on mobile or any edge devices to achieve high accuracy real-time performance, provided with benefits on human-AI interaction, images and videos processing, as well as machine learning.

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Go Above and Beyond with AI

We use patented deep learning model compression technique to port these once costly AI algorithms into customized lightweight processes running realtimely on mobile devices with high accuracy.

On-Device Realtime Human Tracking and Pose Estimation

We create novel AI solutions to renovate remote Human-AI interactions for high-performance on-device real-time face detection and tracking, hand tracking, human pose tracking, behavioral recognition, motion capturing, action recognition and prediction, etc.

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Applications in Telemedicine and Rehabilitation

We provide health care providers, clinicians, therapists, patients, and behavioral health researchers the most advanced high-accuracy AI-powered digital health solutions for smart diagnosis, therapy, quantitatly training solutions via instant interaction and personalized instructions.

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Applications on Remote Fitness and Sports

We enable trainers and trainees in the sports and fitness community to access professional services and personalized interactions in non-contact manner; mitigate limited availability of in-person services.

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Applications in Image and Video Processing

AInnovation technologies cover broad deep learning applications in computer vision, such as image restoration, superresolution, segmentation, captioning, object detection, face recognition, re-identification, video understanding, etc.

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